Layer Track

Create a new track type called Layer Track. This would allow layering of VST’s by stacking and/or splitting as well as being able to create networks with midi generating VST’s.

Would be nice to have key range splitting, velocity layering. Sort of like Ableton Live Racks but built the Steinberg way.


here is one trick to do this but limited to 4 layers:

So + 1 for this idea…

Technically 5 since the main MIDI output channel also counts. You can control your splits by using “MIDI Modifiers” as a send.

Don´t like this FR.

it would be very confusing if you have more tracks together with trackversions and lanes…

I prefer the solution in Logic:
folders can be saved and load as a group and you can stack vsti intruments super erasy.
#Would like to have this in Cubase too. :bulb: