Layered Selection

OK, So I’ve recorded a part and then recorded another part on top of that. How do I select the part underneath?

Thanks in advance.

Use Lanes. Pg. 94 of C7 Operations manual.

Thanks raino, but p94 seems to be about punch in and out.
Lanes seems to be audio only?
The only thing I can find is (from edit) ‘move back’.

Well I’m not sure what manual you are looking at but pg. 94 of the Cubase 7 Operations manual is about lanes and not punching in/out (although punching in will create a new lane). The name of the section you want is “Working with lanes” - do a text search on the manual to find it.

Lanes are available for both audio and MIDI. Although with MIDI it depends on how you’ve configured MIDI to record. See the section “MIDI recording specifics”, sub-section “Recording MIDI” on pg 126 for details.

How strange, here’s my page 94

Strange indeed. You might want to snag the docs off of Steinberg’s site, which match what I have.
Docs are at the bottom of the page.

Ah, I’m on elements.