Layering a drum track with drag and drop Newest part going to the back

I’ll give midi as an example but this happens with audio too.
The way I like to assemble a drum track is have a few bars of a constant beat in a midi track, then drag and drop midi fills and patterns from groove agent,ez drummer etc on top of the existing midi drum track. Where I can slice it move it around to where I need it.
This has worked for me for years but recently (which may have been since the introduction of Cubase 12. I can’t be certain) When I drag a file in, it’s dropped behind the existing track.
Which is driving me nuts. As the only way to get to it is to move the existing track. Or create a second track.
I’m hoping it’s a setting I’ve accidentally altered and someone knows what it is.
Someone suggested using lanes but I can’t make sense of it.
This was a really easy way of working for me. I have the numerical equivalent of dyslexia so things like the drum editor are a problem.

Hope someone can help. Thanks!

P.S. I still miss the jog wheel on the transport bar