Layering Synth Bass

I have a nice collection of analog synths and for the particular song I am working on I want to layer my Sub 37 over my Fender jazz bass.

I have been thinking about this a lot, namely, whether to just quantise the Sub 37’s midi and layer it on top of a pretty tight (time-wise bass guitar recording), or to create hitpoints on the jazz bass track, convert those hitpoints to midi notes, and then trigger the Sub 37 that way?

The hitpoint option is a very time consuming method as the hitpoints are only time related - I still have to move all the midi data to the correct notes of the bass guitar…

Anyway, has anyone done this type of layering and if so can you please share your workflow/method?

Thanks for reading this and hope to hear from some of you!

OK, I don’t actually do this so the details might be iffy. When you take your audio and extract MIDI from it I’m surprised that you have to do a bunch editing to set the pitch correctly. I’d expect it to mostly get the pitches right so maybe you need to play with the settings for the extraction to get better results. But even if you are only able to extract the timing you should be able to use that to quantify the MIDI for the Sub 37 - either via the Quantize settings or by creating a Quantize Preset. I’ve done this years ago but don’t recall any specifics - but that’s what manual are for. :wink:

A bit OT: I’ve lately been doubling electric bass with a sampled tuba on MIDI. The Tuba’s attack is so slow it doesn’t effect how the electric bass is perceived, but over time as the bass’s sustain level drops the tuba sustain is constant and creates a nice floor that never sounds like it isn’t a part of the bass itself. Gives the bass a bit more oomph while not really changing the overall sound.

Thanks for your reply! Yes, the layering itself is a pain in the ass…but doable and does add something very nice to the fullness of the sound if done conservatively. Will try it out and report my results.