Layering with custom line shapes

Good afternoon, everyone.

I have a piece that includes aleatoric boxes. These are not native to Dorico 3.5, and I’ve used a workaround like the one found here:
Effectively, I create a custom line from the top with caps hanging down and another from the bottom with caps going upward.

As you can see in the picture, I also have a custom line with “Repeat Ad Lib” inside. I have edited this line so as to remove the 3rd staff line behind the text. I would like it to also cover the caps that create the aleatoric box.

When I have the “Repeat ad lib” figure selected, it appears to be covering the box, as I would like it to be. Here is an example

It might be that I’m looking for the tool google slides calls “Bring to front”.


I’m afraid Dorico doesn’t provide any tools that would allow you to change the Z-order and bring that line to the front. I can’t think of anything more ingenious than suggesting that you create another pair of line definitions that have shorter right-hand hooks, which will give the appearance of the “Repeat ad lib” line having an erased background.

So it goes. Thank you, Daniel!