Layers in Dorico


i need help:

I need two voices in one stave (In Germany we say: “Zwei Stimmen in einem Notensytem”) in my sheet. In Finale is it called: Layers.

How and where can i generate Layers in Dorico?


In Dorico, we call these “voices”. Please see “How do I write for multiple voices on the same staff?” in the FAQ thread.

Ok Thanks.

But Now i have the next Problem:

i can see now a little “+2” (down-stem) and “+3” (up-stem).
How can i get back to normal + ?

I will have two voices in one stave:

The first Voice with Note up-stem
The second Voice with Note down-stem

A switch with V between the two voices now doesn’t work. I don´t want to have a +2 and +3.

I am not able to edit a Note in the first voice.

How can i edit a Note in the first Voice without adding a new third voice?

Hm… :frowning:

The switch between voices is achieved by pressing v. It switches between the voices created using shift+v. It works only with the caret active.
One thing you must be aware of, is that you cannot transfer notes to another voice yet. This is not intuitive, it is because we are in the early days of Dorico. I suspect this is the problem you are having — and we are many to have made that mistake in the first days. I am afraid you have to delete this voice and start over, being really careful of the voice in which you are inputing.
Something that really helps to avoid mistakes with voices is to enable voice colors in the View menu.

Hope that helps !

“being really careful of the voice in which you are inputing.”


This was my Problem. I was too fast. :wink:

first step: thinking, but carefully
second step: writing, but carefully

Now it works perfect! :slight_smile:

Dorico-Test ist quiet new for me after 20 years working with Finale as a arranger. But i think, its a really good thing

Thanks a lot

And with Finale closing their long-time Help Forum, you are lucky to be able to come here for advice.