Layers jump and Bit rate in SL 10 suggestion

Hi Robin
I’ve started an on going project with lots of samples to be loaded in one project and here’s a couple of things i’ve noticed , could they be improved ?
If you have more Layers than you can have on the screen in the right column , and you have the active layer at the top on the column and you delete noise layer or similar ,the layer you are working on automatically jumps to the bottom of the screen instead of staying where you positioned it .

Also , if you are saving a single layer to the original file , update original does not work ? Plus if you have all your layers edited ( 50 ) and you want to save ALL layers to the original files you can find the folder but the folder doesn’t show up any of the wav files to be able to save them to ( user error ? )

Last thing is , selecting bit depth on saving , would it be possible to have an option to keep selected the bit depth chosen for the files before ? it’s a little tedious having to change the dialog box from 32 to 24 for every file ?

These are only small things im thinking about but could be massive time savers .
Over 50 files edited in one project and not even a hint of any hiccups …Very impressed :smile: Great work :+1:

Thanks for all those remarks and suggestions. Little details like this can indeed make a difference over repeated actions. I’ll see what can be done for the Layers panel view and remembering bit depth.

File > Export Audio of All Layers is designed to let you choose a folder (that’s why it’s not showing files), and the SL export all the layers from your project into that folder, using names that matches the layers name (and adding the format extension, so “audio.wav” would end up as “audio.wav.wav”).

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Brilliant , thanks , Ok so there’s no way to replace all the original files with the new edited ones in the project apart from Export active layer individually , one at a time ?

I’m not fussed ,just wondering if i’m missing something . Believe it or not I’m achieving things I’ve dreamt about since the 90’s but only now has your technology allowed this to happen , the creative flows basically 30 years of catch up . Love it :heart:


@FilterFreq correct.