Layers volume with external instruments not working as intended

Does anyone know how I can solve this automation volume issue for the layes of an external instrument? (see video)
I’d like to stop the sound of an external instrument ( NordStage 3) during a specific part. Muting the layer does not work , so I tried to set the volume at zero …when changing the part the volume automation does not work automatically, but if I move the fader it reacts as I want. Any ideas?

… we’ll check. Looks like a bug,

Cannot reproduce this.

Try this: new project, add Part. Set Part 1 layer as you did in your video, MIDI volume to 100 or so. Add a 2nd Part with the same settings and set MIDI Volume to 0. Note there is a difference between “NOT SET” and zero. You need to move the fader once and back to set Volume to zero, but you did that already.

Now connect your MIDI output to a corresponding MIDI Input (probably, HS3 MIDI In) so to create a “shortcut”. Open devices/MIDI Monitor and set its input to said input.

Now when you select either Part, you will see the MIDI messages VST Live sends to the MIDI output. Mine clearly shows that main volume is sent every time you switch Parts. This means that the receiving device may not be dealing with those messages as expected.

One problem could be the Program Change that you programmed. Try without it, does that improve the situation? A program change is a heavy task for any one instrument, so maybe it is too busy to store and evaluate all the incoming messages.

Thanks for the tip Musicullum. It is indeed the pgm causing the problem. See video
Can you guys solve the problem? There are situations where I need to change the Program and set a different volume.

and mute also works fine when pgm is off

This I don’t know how you do it… My midi monitor does not show any cc activity from the layers

No, we cannot solve problems of external devices.
But we have added another MIDI Volume (if active) message after pgm chg with the next version, give it a try.

Of course, there are ways to avoid this, namely by programming either Program Change or Volume to a MIDI track that sends to the Layer. You can use a MIDI event and the MIDI list editor to program MIDI messages, set them apart a little, for instance send pgm chg at 1.1.0 and Volume at 1.2.0 to give it some time to breathe in between. But maybe the additional volume change will help, try with the next version.

Ok I’ll try thanks