Layers wont separate Groove agent SE5

hi all,

some weird reason Groove Agent SE5 wont let me change levels separately !!!

things i tried
downloaded Groove Agent 5 Trial and it worked fine all levels could be chagned separatley
did all the basic things like making sure im editing as layers and i have SEL selected instead of PAD
tried importing wave file from both Groove Agent browser and Media Browser window
i opened up some of my old Kits that i made and all the levels and pitchs are set at the levels i chnaged them to but as soon as i try change any settingsa like volume or pitch it will effect the wholle pad.
opened up both GA se5 and the trial GA5 side by side and again GA5 trial worked fine.
made sure i have all updates including operating system

i am on cubase 10.5

i did read that i needed to update GA SE5 but couldnt find any such update on the download assist or by searching on the site.

please this is driving me insane as i need to layer and chnage pitch/level/etc separately

this is so frustrating as im spending hours trying to fix the problem instead of creating music HEEEEEELP.