Layout and MasterPageSet confusion

Finished the note inputting on my first Dorico project!
Now trying to get the grip of changing the looks of it, but I am a little confused between masterpage and layout settings.
I changed several Layout-options (margins for instance and rastral size and a couple more parameters) and also defined a new MasterPagesSet to my liking, with different tokens, and frames etc.
I exported the MasterPageSet, in order to be able to use it in other projects.
Because I did not wanted to screw up the original project, I did all this on a copy of a part of the project so to say as a sandbox to play with.
Satisfied with the result I now tried to use this MasterPagesSet and Layout in the original project, for the MasterPageSet that was no problem, just import it, and frames /tokens etc are changed, but how do I get the Layout settings from one project to another project?
Things like margins, rastral size, vertical space were not changed when importing the masterpageset, so the reult is quite a mess, abd I cannot find an option to impost the layout from another project. I did save the layout as default, but that is the default for that single project only?
Am I (again) overlooking something here?


In addition to what @DanielMuzMurray said, you could use File > Save as Project Template.

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So I did overlook something :laughing:
The library manager gives indeed all the opportunities to copy from another project, great!
And afterwards I edited my Project Template with everything incorporated.
Thanks both of you!
Now wrestling with the next thing: vertical spacing is not as I would like, but I will try first some things…

If I may kindly recommend:

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You may!
Even before I had time to seek for solutions, there was already an answer, thank you and all others, you all are very helpful!

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