Layout anomaly

I think this is a montage bug:

I have presets for my montage layouts. I like to edit with just the expanded montage tracks showing (no “effects”, “file browser”, “clips” tabs etc). However, when I’m in this “No tabs” layout and I click on a montage clip in the top/first track, my layout changes and the tabs return (and re-sizes my montage tracks!!) . This is a random happening - it doesn’t happen every time and there’s no method or sequence that I could pinpoint that causes it to happen other than it’s limited to clicking around the top montage track - but it happens frequently and is a bit frustrating. It usually happens when I’m clicking near the clip name on the top track. It also happens when I <ctl + click> around the top track to zoom in.

Anyone else experience this??


I can actually now duplicate the reaction:

If I have my custom preset layout active (preset #2 - no tabs, only tracks) and I go to the top montage track and try to adjust the volume envelope on a clip (or create envelope points)- my layout changes (tabs re-appear and montage tracks revert to their default sizes. It doesn’t even revert back to a default layout or preset - just a random layout.

Happens (almost) every time.


To me, it still sounds like it’s probably the bug where you pass over the clip name and then click the clip where the bubble would be (if it was visible, which it wasn’t in the case of the bug), and which then opens the effects tab.

Is it the effects tab that’s opening? Are you on 8.5.30?

The bug is not happening anymore with 8.5.30 on my computer. I think that’s when the fix came.

Unless you’ve found another problem.

8.5.30 seems to have done the trick !

I wasn’t aware of the update.

Thanks !!