Layout appears black

Hey everybody,
I have a weird problem (and I’m pretty sure I just don’t see the obvious solution).
In many of my projects one specific layout, called Piano/Vocal, appears to be black. It plays the music back, and in galley view I can even see the music, but in page view its just black.
This behavior appears in a wide bunch of projects (which are all based on one template-project).
It started when I moved from Dorico 3.5 to Dorico 4.
Any ideas?
At the moment I just erase the layout and bold a new one with the same content, but this is kind of time consuming.

Hard to tell without an image, or sample document, but my first guess is a System or Frame Break that is squishing all the music together onto one page or system, because you’ve set it to “wait for next break” in the Properties panel.

I suspect that this layout doesn’t have any flows attached, somehow. In Setup mode, select the layout in the Layouts panel, and see whether the flow is attached. If not, check the checkbox in the flow card to attach it to the layout, and the music should reappear.

If this isn’t the problem, please attach the project here so we can help.

Hey Daniel,
hey Benwiggy,
thanks for the quick answers.
Sadly both solutions are not fitting to my problem. There is not even one page, where th notes could be squeezed on and the flows are attached properly (in galley view the layout as all of its content).
Can I PM the project to you? That would be a really great help, because I’m just sitting on a dozen of projects that need to be slightly changed until tonight.

In Setup mode, if you select the layout that you’re viewing in the Layouts panel on the right, what cards in the Players and Flows panels (left and bottom) are highlighted?

Hey Lily,
everything that’s supposed to be in the layout (player and flow) are highighted.

OK, then one more thing and then if still no, feel free to PM the project to me – if you go to Engrave mode, keep this layout “open”, double-click the Default page template in the panel on the right to open it in the page template editor, are the necessary flows selected in the big music frame?


thank you so much. I opened the page templates rider and suddenly everything reappeard.

Thank you!!

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