Layout-based xml export?

I have a layout that has 4 flows on a single page, each flow is just a few bars long, so they can all fit. Looks great, prints great. But I’ve been asked to provide the conductor with an xml file. Is it possible to export an xml file of the layout containing all flows? I can’t find any combination of settings that does anything other than export individual flows from a layout, but not the layout itself. I get that the layout is a representation of the flows and doesn’t actually contain music, but it would be great if Dorico understood itself in this way and could export an xml file of the page as it appears…or am I missing something?

The layout of your xml file will be determined by the program reading it.

OK, thanks. So only individual flows can be exported to xml?

At the moment, yes. MusicXML does technically have a means of exporting multiple related pieces together in a single compressed document container, but so far as I know, no application is actually capable of handling a MusicXML document set up that way, and I don’t think anything exports them either – so it might as well be impossible!

Thanks, Daniel. I did them as separate flows because each bit has some quirks, I guess it’s time for a deeper dive into Dorico to learn how to handle those in a single flow!