Layout, can you talk me through it?

Hallo. I hope someone out there can talk me through this. Or I may have to pay for a course in how to use the layout features in Dorico. It’s just not logical for me.
I have an arrangement for my kids ensemble. Can’t share it do to copyright issues. The arrangement has 3 parts and a bass part. I would like to make a custom part, showing all parts, individually on the page.
Can you talk me through this?

On the same page? Like a list of exercises might appear?

Hi Carsten.
When you build your masterpage, you create four music frames. Make sure they’re all linked to the same flow, but choose the players (those are the little blue options that come in the upper left corner).
This really should not be too difficult, especially if the parts make it in one or two systems.

And when you say “build your master page”. Are you talking about the default part?

This video about making an index page, whilst not directly analogous, might nonetheless demonstrate some of the key concepts well -

You can use the existing master pages provided by Dorico, or create new ones. If you want to have separate part layouts, it might make sense to produce the custom “all together” layout using a different master page set.

Unless by all parts on the same page, you just mean the full score? With 4 staves per system?

Hej Lillie. Seen that video about 50 times. I am sorry to say, that is has not helped me one bit. :frowning:

Is something like this what you want?

Parts on a page.dorico (400.8 KB)

Have you see this other video? Otherwise, you would be welcome to send your project privately to me and I can take a look.

Here’s a file I built for you. I was wrong about the link, you must unlink those music frames in order to choose different instruments for each music frame.
Carsten help file.dorico (436.1 KB)
Hope this helps!

Hej Craig_F.
No, unfortunately not. I know how to do that.

It’s not clear what you want. Can you scratch out a picture in a photo app or something?

Hej Marc.
That helped. Thank you.
The only thing I couldn’t see from your example, was how you made the custom layout page become a page that I can choose?

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I mean. I can see a green page behind the normal master page for the score in engrave mode. What have you done there?

Marc has created a new, custom master page with the relevant frames on it, and then assigned that master page to the first page of the layout.

If you look in the panel on the right in Engrave mode, Master Pages section, scroll down a bit, and you’ll see a third master page. If you click p1 in the top section of that panel, the background of the new master page gets highlighted - that tells you that’s the master page being used on the selected page.

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Exactly. I created a masterpage called All parts, and changed the masterpage on the first page (the green thing around the page, in the little page area, top right window in Engrave mode — context menu allows you to change masterpages, but you must create them first)

Hej Marc.
I’ve finally come back to this and have read the whole thread again.
And I get how to layout the new master page, but I don’t get how you create it.
When I go to “New Page Template” in engrave mode the dialog that comes up says nothing about master page or default page. I have no idea what I am creating.
And how do you assign the page template?
It might seem obvious to you what is happening in this dialog, but not to me.

Thd master page name has been changed to page template.
What is it that you cannot do exactly?
In the Pages tool just above the page templates you can alt-click a page, insert a template page change and choose ypur new template for thi page only or all following pages.

See here:

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I will get back to you.
I think my problem is, that I don’t understand the way you explain it.
Something about the words you use confuse me.

Oki. The more I think about it, I get the feeling that you are as confused as to what I want, as I am with your explanations. So clean slate.
I want to create a custom part layout that is outside the main flowchain. That is the closest I can get to an explanation in english as I can.