Layout consistency

Hi! I’m feeling I’m chasing my tail a little when trying to have items line up and placed well in layout. What are your tricks for getting consistent layout, even when changing settings or items elsewhere that might affect breaks?

What do you consider “consistent”?

What did you expect to see?
What did you try?
What did you see that was unexpected and not what you wanted?

An image might be helpful, especially if annotated.

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This is a typical example.
All of this was placed fine before some other layout-change change bar per system


These tempos was lined up. Now they’re not:


This was lined up:


For tempos where a gradual tempo connects with a following immediate tempo, if you make sure the gradual tempo’s duration reaches where the immediate tempo is attached, they should join up automatically.

When you move items graphically in Engrave mode, you set offsets based on their default position. If the music changes, that can update their “baseline” default position, and then the offsets get applied to the new position.

In general, it’s best to leave graphical tweaks until you’ve input all the music, or close enough to that point.

It’s also very worth your while trying to adjust settings in Engraving Options for the default placement for items, to minimise the need for manual adjustments in the first place.