Layout display discrepancies

So, I have this large score that has 24 flows. I have setup different layouts which combine several flows for note entry purposes. So it has basically 3 large layouts (containing the galley view of several flows) and a full score layout. All being displayed in galley view for the most part. During note entry, I used the 3 large layouts to make it easier to move around.

Here’s the issue:

I altered a bunch of tuplets to remove the bracket and the tuples numbers, so they only show signposts. In the layouts that were used for data entry and these modifications, these show as signposts as expected. In the full score layout, they show with their brackets and tuples numbers. Is there a way to make the full score layout inherit the modifications made in the other layouts?

No, at the moment there isn’t. We are missing features to copy property changes made in one layout to one or more other layouts. I hope we’ll be able to add these relatively soon.

OK, thanks.