Hello, I wanted to know if it is possible to do drum exercises with separate measures?
I would like to do a rhythm measure, then have a large enough space and then put a new rhythm Like the photo below
Thanks for your helpCapture d’écran 2021-10-03 à 13.02.01

Hello and welcome,

yes, that’s possible. Do you have Dorico Pro?

I would probably work with music frames (Engrave Mode), but maybe there’s a way with hidden codas.

Feel free to ask further, if you need assistance.

There are many resources around to help you do this. There are tutorials like this…

Or templates, such as those created by @DanKreider available to download here (Other templates are available!)


Thanks a lot for your answers
I only have dorico 3.5 I don’t have the pro.
Do you think you have to?
Thank you

You can get partway without Pro, but you’ll be limited. Hidden codes are the way to go.

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I managed to do that, it’s already not bad but I would like to remove the tacet to then have for example a large space and write a new rhythm
I’m still looking for it should be possible
So I hid 8 measurements on this photo but it’s not yet what I wantCapture d’écran 2021-10-03 à 19.24.19

Sorry, I missed the auto-correct in my last post. Hidden codas. They’ll create a gap.

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very well !
I tried to write by following but what would be really good is that by hiding my empty bars, I could for example write a new rhythm at bar 26 as in the photo.