Layout : Dynamics + Grace note


I was wondering why Dorico changes the layout (the big gap between grace notes and normal notes) when I add text to dynamics.



Items attached to the grace note’s position have this effect. You might prefer to add the dynamic to the down-beat instead, and either change the dynamic’s alignment or simply nudge it in Engrave mode to coincide with the grace note.

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Thanks Lillie. To fix that, I actually attached the dynamic to the other staff (these are keyboard instruments) and used the flip function.
However I’m just wondering if there is a purpose with the text creating this big space with grace notes only and not with normal notes?

Dynamics that belong to the bottom staff but appear above it aren’t centered between grand staves in the same way that dynamics attached to the top staff, but appear below, are – just fyi.

I’m not entirely sure of the technical reasons but the snapshot version is grace notes are treated a bit differently.

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