Layout editing of instrumental parts -- independent of full score

I’ve completed a full score of a chamber work, and have finalized the layout, and am now checking and finalizing the various instrumental parts. I’d really like to tweak/adjust some details on the parts, without modifying the full score layout. However, any change I make in the parts seems to be linked to making corresponding changes in the full score.

Any input on how to “freeze” the full score, but allow independent small layout changes (Engrave mode) on individual parts?

I can’t locate any basic info in the manual.

Before you do any editing, make sure the property scope is set to Local in the lower panel.


Ah, thanks! Very useful.

Would be helpful if the manual had a small section specifically on creating and editing parts for a full score, It’s all in there, but a bit buried in discussion of ‘frame chains’, and general use of Properties.

It’s also interesting that, even with Local setting in the full score, all the dynamics, etc. get exported to the parts (as desired!) but later manipulation via the Properties window (in write/engrave modes) stay local. Very nice.