Layout: expanding/condensing systems

Can somebody please explain me how expanding / condensing of whole systems works (i.e. affecting all staves in a system)? I found out that option-dragging handles somehow does what I want, but not always. It would be nice if option-dragging could be applied in both directions (expanding and condensing staves).

This is the relevant page in the manual:

As you’ve found, you can only compress staves and systems in this way, not expand them. So you can Alt+click-drag downwards to compress towards the bottom of the page, and you can Alt+click-drag upwards to compress towards the top of the page, but you can’t “decompress” by dragging in the opposite direction.

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Thank you for your prompt answer. Could that perhaps be a project for a future update? It would greatly help to be able to condense AND decompress systems with an alt-keyboard shortcut!