Layout fix - bugs?

A couple of things that seems like bugs to me:

  1. When moving ritardando-lines in Engrave mode with Alt-Ctrl-Arrow it doesn’t move in that direction I want. Mostly it keeps on moving upwards and it doesen’t respont to Reset Position.


  2. When altering the bar width of an empty bar (editing the note spacing) with a Caesura, the caesura doesn’t follow the bar line and no handle to edit the position of the caesura shows up and it’s not possible to manually drag it either. I guess this is a designed behaviour, but for the future it’d be good if one could alter the position of a caesura even in empty bars.

  3. One minor wish for the future to speed up the work flow when working with parts layout: When selecting Layout type in Layout options Dorico by default displays the layout for the Full Score on top of this menu. Would it be possible to change this so that the Parts layout is displayed by default? This would minimise the amount of mouse clicks a lot.

Mats, we’re getting an update this week. Your first point is a known bug, though I don’t know about your second request. As to the third, we know that Layout Options is getting an overhaul.

It might be prudent to wait for the update before posting more bug reports, or trying to further address any of the existing points in this thread…