Layout/flow question (automatically changing names of a specific flow)

In this project I try to write the modes on a single page on Dorico.
I used 1 flow per mode, so I can have the notes and the name of each mode.
Each staff should be right below the mode name.
However, when I change the vertical spacing of the Sol Mixolydian, Dorico changes its name to Fa Lydian. Nonetheless, for the modes before this one, Dorico did not change their names.
PS: In Project Info, flow 4 is Fa Lydian and flow 5 is Sol Mixolydian.

Also, if you have other suggestions on how to do such a layout in a easy way, please let me know.
Here’s the video of the issue:

Henrique Coe

The {@flowtitle@} token in the flow headers references whichever flow it thinks is nearest. That flow might be above or below or to the right or left. If you’re going to cram these flows quite so close together, you may need to edit the flow headings so that they explicitly reference the relevant flow, e.g. {@flow1title@} {@flow2title@} etc.

I suspect you may also have dragged these around manually, which will have created page overrides (as indicated by a red corner on the page in the Pages panel, top right corner of Engrave mode. You’ll likely get more reliable behaviour out of Dorico if you right-click up there and Remove Page Overrides, then set the Layout Options > Vertical Spacing in such a way that Dorico gives you the vertical spacing you want by default. You really shouldn’t need to drag these staves or frames up and down at all.

Hi Leo, thanks.
I like the automatization of Dorico, but sometimes I feel the need to do some more manual stuff, especially when I am preparing music education material, and it becomes a puzzle. This flexibility in layouts is very important for music education. For composition, I entered a pickup measure today, but I wanted to remove it in order to make the click track (although my Dorico is not playing the different dynamics I write), and it was really hard to find out how to remove it. I ended up being able to remove it, but it was a really hard to find out how.
I know Dorico works differently from Finale, and I am enjoying using Dorico. However, for further improvements, I would suggest more intuitive features in Dorico (more right click options instead of alt/ctrl/shift+ something).
Regarding reliable behaviour, once again my Dorico crashed and turned off. It has happened a few weeks or months ago. This time, I was deleting “flow 1” from each individual part, but I selected another part before clicking somewhere out of the box, and it crashed.
Once again, there is nothing in “Crashes” in “Dorico Diagnostics”, but I am attaching it anyways.

Dorico (505.5 KB)


As a fellow user I’m not really in a position to comment on your diagnostics file or the crash. As to deleting “flow 1” from each individual part, though, there’s a Layout Option that handles this.
If you want it to apply to all the part layouts, use the Select All Part Layouts button in the bottom right corner of Layout Options before setting the option.