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I am working on a score that displays fine in full score. But in one instrumental part, everything is jumbled. It is non-standard: there are various graphics and adjustments to spacing.

Clearly I have missed a trick or two in getting formatting / spacing to apply both to full score and the part. Could you link me to reference for this?

Additionally, I’d like to ask how to get the removal of Flow number to propagate across parts. I’m having to remove it manually from each - as well as in the Full score.

Many thanks for your help.

Hi Rachel,

Hiding flow headings is a per-layout option, so if you want to hide them in all layouts, make sure you’ve selected all layouts in the list on the right before changing the setting (which I recommend doing in Layout Options, rather than manually on each page as this creates page overrides!).

As for the difference between full score/part appearances - can you share at least one example? either as an image or Dorico project.

It’s worth being aware that some properties are “local”, meaning they only affect the current layout by default. You can change the property scope so subsequent properties you change affect all layouts.

…and if you want to lose the flow number while retaining the flow title, the place to do that is the Flow Headings editor, on the right side of Engrave mode. Double-click on the Default Flow Heading and strip out the {@flowNumber@} token, Apply and Close. That should remove it from any layout on which that Master Page Set is used (meaning you’ll probably need to do it twice - once for the score and once for the parts).

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Many thanks Lillie. Here are a couple of screen shots - full score and part.

I should mention that the other parts are fine.

Great, thanks very much, the issue of Flow numbers is sorted.

The casting off is obviously different - system and frame breaks only apply to one layout so you need to re-add them. If you have multiple part layouts that all need the same casting off, you can propagate part formatting to essentially copy all system/frame breaks from one to others.

Once you’ve sorted out which bars are on each system, the descriptive text will probably stop overlapping (as each bit of text will on a separate system, right?) - this is generally a good music preparation tip anyway (apologies if I’m preaching to the choir, but for anyone watching as well), to ignore graphical collisions etc until the majority of the music is laid out as you want it, with pages turns and phrases grouped onto systems appropriately. Then when that’s done, you can see what (if any) collisions remain to be tweaked.

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For the sake of five or six Breaks you may as well add them again by hand.
That said, it’s worth knowing that with View > Signposts > Frame Breaks and System Breaks switched on, you could select the first Break in the score layout, do Select More a few times, Copy, switch to the part layout and Paste.

This’ll only work in Write mode and you’d need to do it once for each Flow.

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Thank you both for your patience!
I use Dorico sporadically and forget everything in the intervening times.
I understand how to work through this.