Layout -fullscore with tabs use

Like to have a piano staff and there under a string section on one tab (page/galley view)
Seems to me not possible ?
Can i drag a tab from Dorico ?

Can use one tab for piano and a second tab for the stringssection and getting two pages on my widescreen together if needed.
The stringsection is changing , and i could add all notes to one scorelayout or make flows from it ? ( i hope i understand it correct) )

Make some progress , seems that all instruments can be assembled on the scorelayout and on/off also
In fact its not necessary to hide the piano --if i can disable the sound its ok

If I’ve understood you right, you can split the window to see two tabs simultaneously, or open a separate window e.g. to have on a second monitor.

You can of course also create layouts and combine players, layouts, and flows in various combinations as required.

Yes, you are right, thats what i am after for