Layout in Dorico Elements

I know that Elements is cheap, but it would be nice for us sing a song writers to have the opportunity to lay out at score in songbook style. You know: the musical score on top of the page, and maybe the lyrics of the first verse underneath each note. Then underneath the score a text box with the rest of the lyrics.

As an amateur (and a senior citizen) I can not afford the professional Dorico, not to mention maintaining it with paid updates now and then. But I think the ability to lay out a simple one voice song with lyrics wouldn’t be too much to ask in a program like Elements. Just a thought. I get around the problem by taking screenshots of my scores and paste them into word documents.

But on the bright side: I’m getting really satisfied with Dorico, the more I work with it.

Hi Klummen, welcome to the forum. At present there are two options that could solve this for you… you could try a demo of Dorico Pro, make a blank file in this format, and keep it as your “template,” or you could use this blank project file I created. Files modified in Pro can be used in Elements, as long as they don’t have more than 12 players.

I put two text blocks at the bottom, both with 18pt tab stops, which will allow the lyrics to align left after the verse number.

Misty, such a nice piece of music :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: