layout incident

Last night a colleague emailed me a dorico file and two minutes later we sat down to sort out a few issues over the phone. He was sitting at his Mac with D3.1 and I was sitting at my Windows machine with D3.1. We were looking at the exact same file, and soon we couldn’t communicate properly, as Dorico had formatted the music differently. On my screen I had 5 bars on the first system of the full score, he had 4 etc.

I was puzzled by this. The layout was not locked, but Is it really necessary to lock down all frames in a document if you want to open it on a different platform (or computer) ?

Is there a chance that one of the computers was missing text fonts and substituting others in? There might be other explanations but this is the only one that comes to mind right now, assuming you really are both running 3.1.

Yes, agreed, font metrics can certainly influence spacing, so if you’re using very different fonts that could cause the formatting to be different.

Yes, I thought about fonts too, but only default fonts were used in this document… The file was originally a Finale XML import though, so maybe that is part of the explanation.

Please share the project so that we can investigate further.