Layout is empty [solved]

I’m stumped.

I have a template set up for these sight-singing exercises, and I imported a new unit into it, comprised of multiple flows. The “Melody” player is assigned to the melodic flows, and the Wood Block is assigned to the rhythm-only flows. It worked perfectly in Unit 1… the problems arose when I tried to input another project into this one.

I can see the “Digital Score” layout, but not the printed score, even though players, layouts, and flows are correctly paired up in Setup mode.

I’ve done a ton of work to the layout master pages and such, so I really need to import flows to this layout. Can anyone help? Thanks!

empty layout.png

The project file is here.

And here’s the players/flows assigned to the “empty” layout:

empty layout 2.png

You have flow filters on your master pages, and because you’ve removed all of the previous flows and added new ones, those filters have no flows selected.

Maybe I should go into competition with you for Dorico coaching - I could advertise myself as “the guy that solves Dan Kreider’s problems” :stuck_out_tongue:

Ah… that’s it. Thanks. The reason was because I was using all sorts of extra flows in layout frames, which threw me off.

And I’ll learn any way I can get it… :wink:

I remember :wink:

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(We are grateful to have the benefit of both your expertise–“expertises”?)

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