Layout issue 2

I don’t understand how this mess got created and how to solve it.

Same here:

Geir, there is not enough space on the page to make everything fit.
If it is just these pages, make a system break (or frame break) at the top of the page, and then down in the property panel reduce the staff size to something small.
The following page you can revert to your normal staff size with the same procedure.
Of course you could also go straight to the layout options and reduce the staff size overall.

I can see that it’s too much music on the page. My question is: Why is Dorico still putting all on one page?

Dorico basically guesses how many systems it can fit on a page, based on certain notational aspects. But since it doesn’t know how the layout looks like after the guess is implemented, these collisions can occasionally occur, more or less depending on your layout options.
You can solve the problems either by changing things like note or staff spacing, or placing some system and frame breaks manually.

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Ok, I’m just doing temporarly layout so I’m looking for best possible auto/default and minimum manual tweaking. Trying to understand this issue and what’s best.

Is your goal to have 2 systems per pages? Then I think you should try to tweak the staff-size (smaller), distances between staves and check, if the chosen page size is really the one that you want. Also adjusting the note spacing in small steps around your current setting might lead to a more natural casting off in regard to the musical phrases, which also would probably improve the layout.
Just wiggle the numbers and see what works best in general :slight_smile:

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