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Hello Dorico users
I’ve a layout problem here. I wonder if anyone can advise. Here’s a page (middle one) of this tpt in C part.

The Flow Heading “Agnus Dei” has collapsed into the music for no reason that I can find. In the same way, the text heading “Dona nobis” on the second line, is floating higher above the line than it should be.
I tried to upload the part so you could see it. But it was 5.2 MB and so I couldn’t upload it. Please, Dorico team, why should a 7-page tpt part be 5.2 MB?
Thanks for any comments on the layout issues.

Without the Dorico project is more difficult to say what is going on. You made some frame breaks, so Dorico has to put Benedictus and Agnus Dei on one page. Can you check in Engrave mode that the page doesn’t exceed too much the 100% fullness? You can check the Flow header margins (in Layout Options) and reduce them a little. [EDIT: you can also adjust the flow Header margins only for one page, in Engraving mode: Inserting flow heading changes]
The Dona Nobis: what you mean “text heading”? Is System text? attached to witch bar?
Again: you can post your file on Dropbox or Google drive and post a link: so you can have rapidly a solution.

Thanks, Christian
You should be able to download the .dorico file of the (5.2 MB!) tpt part here

The page is 96% full, so I don’t think that’s the problem.
What is strange is that when I put the Benedictus on 4 lines - increasing the density of the page - the “Agnus Dei” title moves to the correct place.
But when I reduce the Benedictus to 2 lines, it “Agnus Dei” flow title goes down below the first line of the Agnus Dei.
So I’m puzzled.
The “Dona nobis” is system-attached text. But it’s higher than I set it at. And even when I adjust the parameters in the Library, it remains the same.

Hi @Mnatseah , thank you for the Dorico file.

The unwanted results that you have are caused by pages overrides. You canceled manually (in write mode, directly in the layout) the content (token) of the frame containing the layout name appearing at the top of the pages after the firts page. This produces an override, and if you change something after that, Dorico cannot refer to the Page Template, and undesired results happen. I suggest that you

-delete the page overrides : Removing page template overrides

-edit your page templates instead of manually deleting the tokens (in your case is called Deafult)
You also made the Frame in first page a little less hight: also this change you can make preferably in your Page Template (in your case is called Orch first).

For the Dona nobis: go in properties and deactivate the vertical offset that you made, and also deactivate the option “avoid collision” that you deactivated. To avoid the collision with the rit… (if it happens to be on the same staff), select the rit… and with shift+alt and left arrow, make it a little shorter, so it does not collide with Dona nobis.

I hope I explained it clearly.


Hello @Christian_R
Thanks. You explained it very clearly.
I didn’t know that if you change something on the page manually then Dorico can no longer read the page template. It makes sense, I suppose. I’ll watch out for that in future.
Wishing you a good evening.

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You are welcome @Mnatseah
I suggest this video (among others) from @John_at_Steinberg that explains many of this concepts (the video was for a Previous version of Dorico where the now called Page Templates was called Master Pages)

And of course the very deep Manual (for example):

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