Layout Name Beginning with Digit

I sometimes come across music that has the parts labeled as in “4. Horn in F.” When trying to get this format for the layout name, the number keeps getting stripped out. The correct name will should in the “Layouts” section of the Setup view, but in the actual layout, the text token expands to just “Horn in F.”

To change the name, I double-click on the layout in the Setup View, enter the new name and press enter. Am I missing something here?

What’s the token in the top left corner of the part layout? Off the top of my head I think it might be {@stafflabelsfull@} by default. If you change it (on the First Page Template, in the Page Template editor) to {@layoutname@} it’ll resolve to the layout name shown in the right panel of setup mode, rather than the instrument name shown in the left panel.

You’ll likely want to do the same for the token at the top of the Default Page template.

You could also use the token {@layoutnumber@} to save entering the Layout Number in Setup mode (as long as your Layouts are sorted/organised appropriately for this)

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Thanks for the suggestions. I’m already using {@layoutname@} in both locations.

The number isn’t coming from a layout ordering. It’s a format where instead of “Horn (F) 4”, the format is “4. Horn in F.” Same with the other parts, like “1. Trumpet in B-flat.”

I’m not quite up to date enough to figure this out in my head, can you upload your project?

Have you tried the stafflabelsfull token that @pianoleo mentioned?

Sure. The project is attached. I’ll warn you, it’s a weird looking project. I’m only trying to recreate a single horn part with a cleaner appearance than what my orchestra sent me.

Symphony No. (3.9 MB)

{@stafflabelsfull@} got me “Horn in F 4”

I did some tests on a Project. It seems the numeral does disappear if suffixed with a period. If you delete the period, the numeral stays. If you use a paren ‘)’, it works. If you add a space between the numeral and the period, it works.

I next tried prefixing an en-space via copy/paste from a word processor (a non-breaking space didn’t work). This also retains the numeral and may be your best bet.

Symphony No. 3 A.dorico (3.9 MB)


Thanks, @Craig_F

That’s just the ticket here. Seems like a (very small) bug, but adding a space to work. I think it works even better with a hair space (U+200A).

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Daniel has provided the official answer here. The new Markdown feature works with Layout Names as well.