Layout names disappear


I am trying to figure out why my layout names have disappeared. I do not remember deleting them, and I do not see any overrides that I made under materpage editing. Anybody have any ideas other than I deleted them? I did mess with the page margins, so I am not sure if that has anything to do with it. Thanks in advance

If that’s the Part master page, you surely deleted them in the master page.

You can confirm which master page a particular page is using by selecting that page number from the list on the top right. You’ll see the master page set highlighted in the section below that.

To be honest, that looks like a Full Score master page, not a Part master page. You might want to confirm that you have the correct master page set selected for that layout.

To edit your master page, double-click on it. You can add a text frame and type the layout name token.

…And that L & R master first pages mirror each other to include all the same information.

Is there a way where I can just reset to the default layout of the materpage, first page? That way I can have the layout name in its default position and font without having to re-create it?

No, unfortunately. But you could export that flow, and import it into a new project. That would “reset” the master pages.

Good idea. That works for me! I appreciate your time!