Layout options and other things on the ipad

Psalms 20 and (1.5 MB)

Why are the minimal distance between staves in the layout options not working all the way on the iPad? (See psalm 22)
I am using a very small amount but the distance is not narrowing further.

And why is the sharp in parentheses above the note not showing correctly on the iPad? (See psalm 20)

And could there be a “tick” barline on the iPad? I am using this as a sort of breathmark (maybe wrong but I like it)

And: not BTW congratulations on the 5th anniversary of this beautiful product!
I am using it with very much pleasure!

Your “sharp above” playing technique doesn’t look quite right here on my Mac either: I wonder whether the issue might be that you’re using a third-party font? You can’t use any fonts other than the Bravura and Petaluma music fonts in the iPad version.

As for the tick barline, currently that’s a Dorico Pro-only feature, so it’s not included in Dorico for iPad (which with a subscription is basically comparable to Dorico Elements, aside from the unlimited player count).

Thank you for the quick reply!

psalm 20.dorico (767.4 KB)
I am using Bravura for it. But now I have to see if this is better.
Is there also another method for this “sharp above”" thing?

And the Layout options minimal distance is not working; Do ypu know what is the problem?