Layout options - Ideal Gaps: ENTER key to apply is broken

Previously with Dorico 3.5, simply pressing Enter would apply changes made to a value in Layout Options - Ideal Gaps, something I found very helpful when making small spacing changes. However, ever since upgrading to Dorico 4, it seems that the Ideal Gaps options now require clicking the “Apply” button with the mouse before I can see the effect of the change, requiring the user to move the mouse to the Apply button each time, and then back to the field to change the value again. Is anybody else experiencing this behavior, and is there a solution? It is definitely a workflow killer the way it is now. Also posted on FB:

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There is a deliberate change in behaviour here: in general, we have tried to make it such that when you hit Return in a dialog with multiple fields, the focus moves to the next field in the dialog rather than the dialog being confirmed (and, in the case of most dialogs, which are modal, i.e. they block interaction with the project window, closing them). Perhaps what we need to consider is a general way to trigger the Apply button via the keyboard in these dialogs. I’ll think about it.

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Couldn’t we have the common ‘tab’ which is used by most programs to advance fields?

I believe Tab already works in options dialogs?

It does, and I expect Return or Enter to hit a default button if any, not advance to the next field. In a case where it does not hit a button, it would be very nice if it could confirm the entry in a field and leave the cursor there.

There are several dialogs in Dorico where we found that users were hitting Return meaning not to confirm the dialog, and stated that they would prefer the dialog not be closed, so we decided to do something about it. The one case when that might have been advantageous before is in modeless dialogs.

When writing comments, Ctrl+Enter will close the dialogue. Maybe Enter with different modifiers could work in this case also? Ctrl+Enter – confirm and close, Alt+Enter – confirm without closing, if the present function of Enter remains.

Btw, Tab works for advancing to the next field, but Shift+Tab does not do anything. Probably it should move back to the previous field.


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