Layout Options page sometimes not in sync with the opened layout

Usually, the Layout Options page opens for the opened layout.
But sometimes, for some reasons I cannot understand, the Layout Options page opens with another layout checked.
It can then happen that I take notice of this too late and only after doing some edits and realizing that these edits are done for the wrong layout.
I have the vague feeling that this happens since version 1.2 but I am not sure and unfortunately I am not able to reproduce this behaviour, it simply happens quite often.
Does this happen to others?
Is there a way to prevent this?

I am aware that when the Layout Options page is open it is possible to choose any layout from within this page and I find this feature sometimes very usefull, but when I open the Layout Options page from an opened layout I expect that it opens with this layout checked.

The only thing I can think of is that possibly you’re in Setup mode, in which case the selection of layouts in the Layouts panel rather than the layout shown in the music area is what is used to determine the selection in the list of layouts in the Layout Options dialog.

Thanks for your answer.
Your remark about the Setup Mode helped me to reproduce the described behaviour.

And the result is:
So long you do not choose any layout in Setup Mode Dorico will always sync the opened layout and the Layout Options page.
But as soon as you once select a layout in Setup Mode Dorico will always open the Layout Options page for this specific selected layout independently in which layout you are working and independently from where you open the Layout Options page.
This happens in WriteMode, in Engrave Mode and in Play Mode.
And as there is no way to de-select a layout in Setup Mode there is no way to prevent this behaviour.
It means that each time you open the Layout Options page from an opened layout you have to aditionally select the Layout!

I assume this it is not the way it should be?

No, I think this is the behavior with Dorico. I always have to be careful and select the layout first before making any changes. In my early experience with Dorico, I was surprised that I didn’t automatically have the layout I was just viewing be the one that I started making changes to when going to Layout Options. (And I bet every single user can relate to this “GOTCHA” moment!!). I can’t count the number of times I have accidentally changed the wrong layout only to find my expected changes didn’t take place, and I’ve had to go back to the unintended changed layout (typically Full Score) and UNDO my edits, then go back and carefully select the correct layout and REDO the edits again to this correct layout (trying to remember the exact tweaks I need to undo and redo in both layouts). I know this can be chalked up to a humble user’s error. I am getting better with diligently checking that I am affecting the correct layout - Dorico has been training me in this regard. But I admit that I still sometimes slip up when working quickly.

I’m not complaining… just explaining… :slight_smile:

Unfortunately with 1.2.10 Dorico still opens the layout options for the layout selected in the setup menu and not for the layout you are editing :frowning:
I find this behaviour quite annoying as it happens constantly!