Layout options (page view vs. galley view)

Why are the layout options the same for both page view and to galley view? It seems these want to be independent since galley view is mainly a screen size presentation for data entry and page view is for printing and the two are likely vastly different in size/shape depending on the score.

I find that adjusting a score with a large number of instruments for page view and having that apply to galley view makes it harder to enter music as it requires zooming in further to be able to place items correctly.

Maybe I’m missing something, but it seems more intuitive if the views had independent layout options.

I don’t think it would make sense in general for galley view and page view to have different layout options. I guess that your main discomfort comes from the vertical spacing options, and I agree that we need to make it possible to adjust the space between staves in galley view independently from page view, but I don’t think having a separate set of layout options is really the best way to address that.

Yes, vertical spacing is what triggered this thread.