Layout Options Question

My normal use for Dorico Pro 5.0.20 is creating Lead Sheets. While learning to use Dorico all my lead sheets have different settings, like page margin size for example. After reading the excellent Dorico First Steps guide I now have a Layout I am completely happy with and would like to apply this to all me previous projects. Is there a way I can do this without loading each project individually and adjusting the layouts one by one.


I’m afraid not. You’ll need you use the Library manager and use the settings of the file you like into the other files that you will need to open to do that. There’s no batch app to transfer settings from a file to a bunch of target files (although I see the value of that, which makes it a perfectly valid feature request)

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Interesting answer, thank you. I have never used the Library Manager but it sounds a good option for my minor problem.
Thanks again, Glen

It depends whether your Happy Layout involves any manual adjustments, or not. If it’s just Layout Options, then you can save your Options as the default, and apply the new default to your old documents with one button.

Or, as Marc says, load in your Layout Options from one document to another in the Library Manager.

If you’ve altered the"First & Default" Page Templates, then you can export and import those, and apply them to old documents.

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It’s amazing. One of my favourite features.

IIRC this can also be done from within the Library manager with a reference file.

Yes, but it’s still one file at a time – not batch mode, as I think the OP was hoping.

Batch mode would be wonderful. I recently did this for a project that required re-sizing several hundred Dorico files and changing some font settings. Took me 7 hours and was a royal pain.