Layout Options Quirk

In 2.2 Layout Options, some fields do not update when selecting different layouts on the right-hand panel. I noticed this in Page Setup. When selecting a part layout, the Master Page Set would still show the Full Score set as being set. If I’m viewing a part when invoking Layout Options then the correct values are shown. I have attached a pic showing some of the fields I’ve noticed not updating. A red box means it’s NOT updating. A green box means it DOES update.

As an aside, templates are using A3 for the Full Score paper size for US localization. It should be 11x17 Tabloid.

Just posting to confirm I see the same thing on macOS.

Thanks for reporting this. It looks like something came unglued when the dialog was rejigged. We’ll make sure tihs is fixed in future.

Dear Daniel

I’m afraid I have to say that this is an already existing problem, and it’s very difficult to work in the Layout Options dialog if the fields contain false information about the layout selected.

I don’t know if I missing something, but I even couldn’t understand the behaviour of the Layout type box at the bottom of this dialog: it’s very confusing that it displays the same Layout type for all the Layouts, eg. “Full score” if I open the dialog with the full score selected, and if I change it, then it seems that it has changed in all the other Layouts as well, but just as long as I open the dialog with a different Layout selected.


PS: I’ve purchased Dorico last september, just few days after that I renewed my annual subscription to an other notation software, but when I downloaded the demo just out of curiosity and tried Dorico I didn’t want to go back to the other software anymore. So congratulations to Daniel and the Team.

The problem with the Layout Options dialog not showing values updating correctly is fixed in the forthcoming Dorico 2.2.10 update.

The ‘Layout type’ menu at the bottom of the dialog controls the scope of the buttons to the right of the menu, i.e. if you choose ‘Full score’ from that menu, then the Save as Default button will save the layout options shown in the dialog above as the defaults for score layouts.

Thank you Daniel, this makes sense!