Layout Options - Transposition Question

Hi all - I did some searching on this forum for my issue, but I’m not sure I found an answer that fully addressed it. I’m hoping that what I’m doing is easy to replicate.

In short, I either really don’t understand how to use the layout options for transposition (very possible - I’m new!), or there is a bug somewhere related to what I’m doing. I’ve attached a screenshot for the situation I found myself in - I have a single concert G in the french horn part, which shows as a transposed D. Under the edit menu, the part shows as transposed, however, the tab in the bottom left says concert pitch!

To replicate, I can start a new project and add a solo trumpet and french horn. By default, the score is in concert pitch and the parts are transposed, as expected. Now, I go to Layout Options, press the select all button, and under players set the Transposing Layout option to have a check mark. After clicking apply, I expect the full score and parts to all be transposing. However, for me, this does not happen, and it actually changes everything to concert pitch. Opening Layout Options again shows this, as nothing has Transposing Layout checked (even though we just did previously). From here, if I select only the horn and check the Transposing layout box once more and apply, I find myself in the situation shown in the attached image with the contradicting information. Any further changes I make results in more strange contradictions between the edit menu and the lower left transposition readout.

I’d really appreciate any help on this, to let me know if I’m just not aware of another preference somewhere overriding my selections, or if this looks like a bug in the logic behind that Transposing Layout option. I’m running version 2.2.10 on Windows 7.

In the central panel you’re previewing the Horn Part. In the right panel you have the Full Score Layout selected. It wouldn’t surprise me if the Edit menu is referring to one of these layouts, and the toolbar at the bottom is referring to another.

Maybe try this again in Write mode, with only one layout in front of you…

Interesting - I did this, and unfortunately the result is the same. Even in write mode, the toolbar at the bottom will say concert pitch even though the edit menu and part is transposing.

I realize I may be doing things in a contrived way, as I found myself here by simply playing around with the layout options trying to learn what the program could do. I’m sure selecting all layouts and set them to transposing is an incorrect substitute for simply toggling the full score transposition.

It just feels to me that in my digging around, there might be a bug here, as I don’t believe the situation in my attached image should be able to happen. It’s not stopping me from doing work, just wanted to give the developers feedback on what I saw.

Even more interesting - this time I saved the file after I took the above image, and upon reopening the file the horn part correctly shows as transposing in the bottom left toolbar! So this really does make me feel like it’s a bug in that toolbar logic. Obviously not a huge deal, it just confused me as a new user learning the tool.

I agree that this does look like a bug. Are you able to figure out under what circumstances the mismatch between the Edit menu and the status bar occurs?

Wouldn’t a note need to be selected to show its status of Transposed vs. Concert pitch? I don’t see anything selected in any of the screenshots.

I wondered that too, musicmaven. The odd thing is that if you select a note in one layout and switch to a different layout, the note remains selected (but in whichever layout’s currently in front of you). Given that’s not what the OP’s screenshot displays, there’s a mystery, here!

No, the read-out of concert/transposed pitch in the status bar always appears, whether or not you have a note selected.

Daniel, I think what we meant was that in this image, the toolbar says:
Concert Pitch Bar 1 Note:G4
but the note on the page isn’t highlighted orange. (as posted by the OP in post #3)

Hi Daniel - it turns out, this is really easy to replicate! Just open a new file and add any transposing instrument (I used horn). From my testing, the status bar becomes incorrect when you change the “Transposing layout” option from the “Layout Options” menu on a layout you are not currently viewing twice. This only takes a few seconds:

  1. While viewing the full score, change the horn to concert pitch from the layout options.
  2. Once applied, view the horn part, and you will see the status bar correctly shows concert pitch. I found this viewing step to be required.
  3. Go back to viewing the full score, and change the horn back to transposed from the layout options.
  4. Now, upon viewing the horn part, the status bar will incorrectly report concert pitch, while the edit menu shows transposed.

I’ve attached the resulting image from this test. Again, this behavior is reset upon saving and reopening the file.

To answer musicmaven’s question, I had the concert G from the full score selected when I made that older screenshot. However, and Daniel please correct me if I’m wrong, I believe the status bar display of concert pitch vs. transposed has nothing to do with the selected note, but rather the layout you are currently viewing.

Thanks for the wonderfully clear reproduction steps. We’ll get this fixed in a future update.