Layout: Per flow comments and footnotes flowing with the music


I’m writing a multi movement multi instrument work with one flow per movement. For each movement, I want to insert some musical examples and the occasional footnote with music examples. The problem is that I need the same information in both the score and the parts, and I would like them to flow with the music so that if I change the size of the music the footnotes and music frame examples move with it.

I’ve managed to put the text part in Project Info per page and added space for them in the Flow Heading, but a Flow Heading does not allow music frames. Page overrides stay put when the music reflows. Is it possible to achieve what I’m after or should I make every movement into its own project file so that my changes are mostly on the first page and therefore don’t need to move with the music size?

An alternative would be to put all the info on a legend page, but musicians tend not to read those.

Using Dorico Pro 4

Create the musical examples as separate flows, then create Music Frames that only show those Flows in your Page Templates.

I’d suggest reading up on Frame Chains and Music Frames in the Help pages, as it is a bit tricky.

Thanks for answering! The issue I’m facing is that the music frames are tied to the page number via a page override if I create them in Engrave mode, and if I then make any change that makes the previous movement(s) take more or less space the start of layout will move to the wrong page. Is there any way to link this layout to the start of a flow so that it moves with the flow header?

It’s very hard to think about this in the abstract, with no visual clues… :wink:

But wouldn’t creating a Page Template, that you apply to the page, be the way forward?

If you made it your “First”, and then set every Flow to use that on its first page?

Yes, that is what I want to do! How do I set the flow to start with a custom first page template?

Layout Options > Flows:

Change this to “Any flow…”. And make sure the previous option is for every Flow to start on a new page.

Excellent, thank you very much!