Layout problem - extended Flow spills into next Flow


I have recently added another instrument to a Flow, with the result that it is longer in terms of pages. Unfortunately the score ‘overflows’ into the pages of the subsequent Flow: its last page is overlaid with the Title of the next Flow. The problem continues through the score, with displaced headings/scores.

Advice greatly appreciated.

Has a Page Override been applied (in Engrave Mode) to the page where the overlap starts?

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It would really be helpful if you could post a screenshot, or the project itself, so we can help you diagnose this. Otherwise it’s shooting a bit blind.

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If I understand correctly, you are concerned that the second flow starts on the same page as the now-longer first flow. Directions for starting each flow at the start of a new page are contained on page 392 of the English version of the Dorico 3.5 manual under the heading “Allowing/Disallowing multiple flows on the same page”.

Alternatively, if you want to stop the last bar of the first flow from moving onto the next page, use “Making selections into frames” in Engrave mode, as discussed on page 414.

This sounds to me like pages that have been overridden. Once a page is overridden, Dorico won’t automatically move frames (or flow headings) if the casting off changes; it assumes that if you’ve manually adjusted frames then you know best, and you’ll want to hang onto the adjustments you’ve made.

Remove the overrides (see Can't Remove Flow Titles :-( - #2 by pianoleo - I draw the line at writing it out twice in 24 hours).

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Thanks very much. Removing the overrides allowed me to straighten it all up.