Layout problem flow title

In Dorico for iPad (latest version), if I allow flows to start on the same page, this leads to an incorrect display. The bars of the other flow are displayed on page 1, but the flow title is not. The placeholder for the flow title remains on page 2 instead.

It looks like you have managed to create page overrides in your layout, resulting in those empty pages hanging around despite there being no music to fill them. You can’t easily clear up page overrides in the iPad version, but try creating a new layout in Setup mode, and then look at that.

I reset the layout settings to factory defaults but still face the same issue.

Unfortunately, that won’t change this, because the extra pages in your layout are not caused by any specific layout options, but rather by overrides caused by performing edits in the layout itself. That’s why I suggested creating a new layout.

I created a new layout. Now it looks like this:

You haven’t actually shown the look you are striving for, but perhaps looking at the attached will give you some ideas.
flowsExample.dorico (606.7 KB)

Add your flow titles in the Project Info dialog, rather than directly on the page: that way Dorico knows what a particular piece of music should be called, wherever it appears, and can then show the correct title everywhere.

If you added the project title “Test” in that screenshot before adding extra bars or players to your flows, that would explain why the flow headings have got stuck (because entering text directly onto the page creates a local page override).

Delete that layout, create a new layout, and enter the project and flow information in the Project Info dialog.