Layout problem part vs full score

Hello again

Here’s what I did: I made a guitar book/method. Until now it’s designed for 1 guitar.
But I decided to add two pieces for two guitars. I imported them as a flow, but then only the first part is visible. I found out that I wasn’t in the full score. When I changed this, the second part was visible, but the original layout was gone. All the other pieces and flows are spreaded across the pages. Can I fix this?
The way I would like it: remain in part mode (only first guitar visible) and still be able to add two multi-player pieces.
Or can I copy the layout?



You can change which flows appear in each layout in Setup mode.

When the number of staves in a flow changes, the casting off can indeed change. There are various things you can do, such as locking a layout’s casting off in place (which in your case you might want to do before adding the second part), but of course that might lead to collisions so you’d want to check the result afterwards.