layout problem with vertical spacing

Hello, I am running into a problem with the vertical staff spacing settings.
Specifically the distance from Staff group to staff.
Staff group: wind players
Staff (underneath): solo player
I change the values for distance from Staff group to staff
These settings do not seem to have an effect on my score.
The reason might be, that I had to put a Bracket change to the beginning of my score to get rid of a staff bracket for my (only) solo player. This way Dorico does not seem to recognise my solo staff as a single staff.
At the moment it looks to me, as if I will have to do the staff spacing manually on each page of the score now…
Or is there something I might have overlooked?

k_b, instead of adding a Bracket change, try adding a group to the solo player in Setup Mode. This will prevent the player from being grouped with other instruments. After that, the vertical spacing should work as expected.

Dear HeiPet, thank you for your reply. This sounds like a good solution.
… just realised that the bracket change at the beginning of the score sits there for another reason, too. I had to take one bracket away but I also had to add a bracket, my publisher wished so. This means I can not use the vertical settings the way they are supposed to influence the score layout. It would be good, if Dorico at some point may take these overridden brackets into account. Let me put it into these words: we don’t really want workarounds for something that is trying to avoid workarounds by concept :slight_smile:

Could you show an image of the exact bracketing/spacing setup you require? I’m having trouble picturing it but am quite certain that it isn’t unusual enough to require manual respacing on every page.