Layout Problem

Hi folks,

I’m having a problem with Page layout:
A piece for women’s choir, 13 bars unison entry on one staff, then a double staff for SSAA,
I have forced some bars of the first page into one system, an there’s enough space at the bottom of page 1 to accommodate another system, but it won’t show. As soon as I force one more system into the frame on page 1, Dorico changes the System breaks of the first system; bars 1-8 are split into two systems ( and rather strangely: 6 bars in the first system, 2 bars in the second).
Now when I force bars 1-8 back into the first system, the bottom double staff is gone - it has been pushed to page 2.
Please have a look at the attached screenshots for clarification.

Can you help me out of the conundrum?
very much appreciated,

Screenshot 2018-08-20 14.23.00.png

You should delete the system break (click on the signpost) on bar 7 and make sure, in Engrave mode, properties panel, that the first system has “wait for next system break” enabled.

Thanks, Marc. Finally I found the problem: In Layout Options - vertical spacing - the distance between staves was set to a much too high value. After putting it back to 6 point automatical spacing behaved as expected.
Case closed.