Layout problems


Why is this happening? (See pic) Everything looked just fine. I added a instrument and the layout got like this. I tried to decrease the size, same thing. Any ideas anyone?


I would suggest adding a frame break at the start of the last system on that page.

What’s happening is that Dorico is guessing incorrectly how much music it can fit on the page, and due to the complicated way that casting off works, it can’t (currently) go back and revise its guess if it turns out to be wrong (because, as you do, there are lots of additional rests outside the staff, lots of chord symbols, and dynamics, all of which are forcing the staff spacing to be a lot wider than usual).

If all of the pages in your project have a similar appearance with lots of things above and below the staff, then increasing the ideal gaps on the Vertical Spacing page of Layout Options will help to give Dorico the hint that the staves should be spaced more widely, in which case it will try to force less onto each page to start with.

Thanks Daniel!

I’ll try your suggestions!