Layout question. about overlapping staves

I finished engraving a 13 movement piano album, so now the next stap would be entering Engraving mode and start adjusting.
The first thing I wonder about when looking at the first piece, is if there is maybe a setting somewhere that prevents Dorico from doing his/her job. Is this to be expected to happen? System 3 and 4 are overlapping. There is space between system 4 and 5 to avoid collision, but Dorico isn’t using that.

What happens if you go into Engrave mode and turn on Staff Spacing? Do any of your systems have red lines at the top, or are they all blue? If any are red then you’ve already fiddled with the staff spacing, which prevents Dorico from adjusting that automatically.

For my money you’ve got too much on that page, and probably need to adjust either your margins or preferably your music font size.

I checked that. This is “pure” Dorico. And if there is too much on a page, shouldn’t Dorico push this to the next page?

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Ok. In that case can you turn on System and Frame break signposts and make sure that you haven’t inadvertently added any - those would prevent Dorico from shifting music around.

I can’t remember whether it’s in Engraving Options or Notation Options but there’s a setting to avoid collisions between systems somewhere. Turn it on if it’s not already on.

Frame breaks/System Breaks signposts are turned on, There aren’t any in this score. I will search for the Avoid Collisions option. Thanks.

Andre, I fear I may have led you up the garden path.

I typed up the page you uploaded earlier, just for fun. I think basically Dorico’s moving things around to avoid collisions with the pedal lines, but it’s not taking them into account when calculating how many systems to put on the page. See gif below (which just shows all the pedal lines being removed) :

The solution, of course, is to add manual frame breaks.

Daniel, have we hit on a new bug perchance?

That was a lot of work Leo, but I am glad you have found it behaving the same way. Yes, looks like the pedal lines are causing the problem.

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Dorico does consider the pedal lines as part of the estimate it makes of the height of each system, but it takes a conservative view (i.e. it doesn’t allocate much space for each pedal line) because the goal is to allow tighter spacing than other programs.

The unevenness of the staff spacing is most likely due to an arithmetic bug that we have recently found and fixed. Leo, if you would like to attach your project in which you duplicate André’s page here, I can check it to make sure.

Daniel, I’m emailing over my mockup as I believe this is Andre’s own (copyright) music and I wouldn’t want to inadvertently get myself into trouble with him. Andre, I’m emailing over this single page to Daniel and the copy on my machine won’t go anywhere else!

Hi Leo. Yes, please send it as email to Daniel and thanks for taking the time entering it into Dorico to check it.

I’ve taken a look at the page that Leo sent, and the current development build behaves the same way. However, I’m satisfied this is in line with how I would expect Dorico to behave, as the staves are spaced perfectly when the pedal lines are not present, and it still manages to lay the page out without collisions when the pedal lines are present, but there’s no longer sufficient room to achieve an equal spacing between each system. With the way Dorico’s casting off works, adding a break to give it a hand in this situation is necessary.

Good to know, Daniel, because I used pedal lines in every piece in this album.