Layout settings per flow?

As learning project I am trying to mimic the Inventios and Sinfonias (Bach) editions by Henle and the Neue Bach Ausgabe. It is customary to dedicate only 2 pages to each piece, although they are very different in size and number of notes!
Now with the Sinfonia2 I am running into troubles, with the layoutsettings as defined in the project it looks terrible, collisions etc, I can get it right (or at least better :grinning:) when I change the Rastral size from 7 to 6.5 together with smaller Note spacing.
But these changes are not per flow, but per layout (I have the whole project in 30 flows, one for each piece which seems logical to me).
So the question is how to do this? I can make another layout for this piece, but then the printing of the whole project will be difficult (or not possible)…
Is there some smart way of which I did not think?

Set a frame break at the beginning of the flow, select the break, and change the staff size in the properties panel below. You can change sit back for the next flow.

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Yes, I found that possibility, but it is the combination of Rastral size and NoteSpacing that does the trick, without attracting too much attention. Is something likewise possible for NoteSpacing?

In Engrave mode, you can insert Note Spacing changes wherever you need. I even have a keycommand for this (it’s a tool I really love).

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That’s what I am after!
But how then? I see the NoteSpacing only in the layoutoptions, but that’s per layout!

Engrave>Note Spacing Change… allows you to change note spacing at any time. (I agree with @MarcLarcher it is a very useful tool)


Yes, thanks you all!
That combination is the solution, works really like a charm (and they do not show you that in the videos tutorials!). And, even better, no need to change both settings back, as in the next flow everything is “normal” again! It will definitely become a keycommand.
I was too much focused on the “systematic” solutions in the general preferences, but it is becoming more clear now that even Dorico cannot solve all the problems without some manual help.
In this project I use very often the “make into frame”, “make into system” and system/frame breaks to get what I want, and now another tool added, great that this is all possible!

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I recently transcribed a 17th C piece that had movements in 4/4 and also in 3/1 and I wish I’d known this! It was only a few movements so it wasn’t a problem to do the 3/1 ones in a separate file with compressed note spacing via layouts and then combine them in the pdf, but now I can keep them all in a single file, so thanks!

LOL good old 17th C fast music where the dotted breve is the beat.