Layout showing only a certain selection of staves

Dear Forum,

I looked around a bit for “Stimmenauszug” and such, but was not lucky yet. Is there a way to only show two instruments out of four in the score? It is not about hiding dstaves with rests (As if you write chords the empty staffs are shown anyways)


Hopefully this is the kind of thing you’re looking for.

Dear Daniel,

yes, Custom layout is the key. Perfect Tip as ever. Thank you very much!!

Best regards


In every project I include a custom layout I name COMP, and in the Layouts list I put it just below Full Score for quick, easy access. It is a convenient way for me to select and view together any particular Players I want at any time. If I’m composing or arranging and working on a section that includes an Oboe, a Horn and two string sections it’s easy to change on the fly without changing any of my fixed custom layout groups like Winds, Brass, etc.