Layout specific objects (or text)

Hi everyone!

Is it possible to hide/show objects or text in specific layouts?
For example, if I wanted to add piano pedals but want them to show ONLY in parts and not in scores. Another example may be if I want to create to editions of the same part: one “study” edition (harp part with pedal changes, fingering, connections, etc.) and one clean edition.

Not really. The usual workarounds are
a) color the thing white, from the left side of the properties panel. (This will only print correctly if you tell Print mode to print/export in Color).
b) custom scale the item to 1%, also from the left side of the properties panel.
c) combine a and b.
d) in Engrave mode, drag the thing off the edge of the page.

Igsh! Wow, that’s a lot of manual editing… but I get it. Thanks a lot, Leo, for your quick response.

Derivative (and maybe extremely ignorant) question: If I set the color property to white, and I print in a non-white paper (cream, etc.), will the white objects and text print?

A-D are options, not a running order. Pick one and run with it!
I note that, for example, you can Select All, Filter All Notes, then from the Fingering section of the Properties panel, scale all fingerings to 1% simultaneously.

And no, the white will not print, full stop.

Great. Thanks again!