Layout tab crashes when using second monitor

I’m fairly sure issues with the layout tab have been reported before, but I haven’t seen anything about it causing a crash.

I got a new monitor today. When I click the layout drop-down menu on my laptop (2736×1824, 200%), it works fine. If Dorico is on my new monitor (1920×1080, 100%) and I click it, Dorico instantly freezes. I then have to force quit Dorico via the task manager.

Let me know if there is any other info needed to help fix this!

Layout dropdown

I guess Dorico’s not really freezing, but the menu is appearing somewhere out of view. If you try to resize the project window or move it to the other display, does that at least allow you to keep working without having to quit the software?

Unfortunately, Dorico is really freezing. If I try to click the dropdown menu, it flickers open and closed very quickly, then nothing in the program will respond, then windows shows (Not Responding), forcing me to quit the software.

What display arrangement do you have on your system? Can you show me a screenshot of wherever that is defined in Windows?

Do you mean this?

Thanks, yes, indeed, that’s what I mean. If you put the displays side-by-side rather than one above the other, does that make any difference to this problem?

Yep, it works perfectly fine when side-by-side!

OK, thanks for confirming. We’ll try and look into this and see if there’s something we can do to address it. Unfortunately the underlying Qt application framework is riddled with these kinds of problems involving multiple displays, and thus far they have been pretty slow to attempt to address them.

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